Caroline Chisholm

  • Birth of Caroline Chisholm

    Caroline Chisholm was born Strathglass, Scotland
  • Education

    Receives classical education (Greek, Latin etc),concluding at Fortrose Academy
  • Marriage

    Meets and marries Archibald at Northampton
  • Immigration to Australia

    All the family sail to Sydney, AustraliaThey settle at Windsor, outside Sydney
  • Charity Work

    Caroline undertakes private charitable work
  • Helping the poor

    Recognizes needs of poor and homeless emigrantgirls and starts Female Immigrants’ Home, Sydney
  • Launching a Committe

    Launches, with influential committee,Family Colonization Loan Society and promotes emigration’sbenefits, lecturing, writing and respondingto 100+ letters daily. Successfully advocates bettersafety and health facilities aboard emigrant ships.
  • Reuniting

    Caroline and the five younger children arrive inMelbourne to be reunited with the two Archibalds.Caroline tours the goldfields to determine socialneeds.
  • Moving to Sydney

    Caroline becomes seriously ill; she, Archibald andthe four youngest children move to Sydney. Herhealth and the family’s finances improve somewhat.
  • Period: to

    Moving to England With Family

    health and the family’s finances improve somewhat.Caroline lectures on opening up the land and shopworking hours, runs a school, but her health getsworse. She, Archibald and the three youngest go toLiverpool, England and then to London. Grant of£100 a year pension. Health of Caroline and Archibalddeclines further, and they live quietly and frugally
  • Death of Caroline Chisholm

    Death of Caroline on 25 March and Archibald on 17August.