Carmen del Mar Rivera, Timeline on Puerto Rico Language Policy

Timeline created by criverago53
  • 1898 – 1900

    1898 – 1900
    Dr. John Eaton – The Puerto Rican teachers should learn English for order the Dr. John Eaton –Commissioner of the Department of Education in the United States and Victor Clark- Assistant Commissioner .
  • 1900

    The Department of Public Education was created in Puerto Rico
  • 1900 -1902

    1900 -1902
    During this period in the elementary grades was considered as a special course English. While in the upper grades teaching each course should be in English and Spanish is offered as a special course.
  • 1902 – 1904

    1902 – 1904
    The idea of making the English language the official language of Puer Rico.
  • 1905 -1913

    1905 -1913
    All subjects were taught in English. Spanish was suppressed / eliminated.
  • 1915

    Emerge the initiative that is considered the Spanish as the primary language of instruction
  • 1916 - 1934

    1916 - 1934
    Teaching Spanish and English varies according to levels of education. The Spanish is used during the teaching process from first to fourth degree. Fifth through twelfth grade in the English half of the courses.
  • 1917

    Is granted U.S. citizenship to Puerto Ricans.
  • 1917

    Paul G. Miller (Commissioner of Education) defends the teaching of English as the primary language of Puerto Rico, while Jose de Diego defends Spanish as the primary language of Puerto Rico
  • 1920-1930

    Teachers from N.Y. came to the island to teach English as a Second Language.
  • 1921-1930

    Juan B. Huyke (Commissioner of instruction) indicated that English was to make use of inside and outside the classroom, also established that instructional materials were to be published in English.
  • 1930

    Dr. Jose Padin determined that Spanish was the primary language of instruction and to be considered by the English as a second language.
  • 1936

    Exits the Commissioner Mr. Paul G. Miller
  • 1936

    Jose M. Gallardo tried to Implement a bilingual program. The people opposed to not wanting to lose their identity
  • 1942

    Spanish became the first language up to six grade. English was taught as a especial course.
  • 1948

    Spanish was the first language up to the ninth grade.
  • 1949 -1950

    1949 -1950
    Dr. Mariano Villaronga established the used of Spanish in all levels and English as a especial course.
  • 1968

    The President Johnson signs the U.S. Bilingual Education Act or Title VII.
  • 1970

    The Department of Education and the Universities structural begin bilingual education programs.
  • 1970-1980

    The Departament of Education from Puerto Rico trained "Neoricans" teacher to teach English in PR.
  • 1972-1976

    Projects are developed for bilingual education in schools Padre Rufo and Pope John XXIII.
  • 1978

    United States provides funding for the purpose of establishing bilingual education programs, Such as: Title VII, Migrant Student Programs, Bilingual Vocational Programs, Adult Education Programs, Adult Education Program, Special Programs for Disadvantaged Students at University Level and Program (FIPSE)
  • 1979- 1980

    1979- 1980
    Puerto Ricans entered 84.834 schools require these special services had 59.810 students.
  • 1984

    Carlos Romero Barceló bilingual program transferred to the Department of English. Signed the Bilingual Education Certification but this was not implemented.
  • 1989

    The Department of Education in PR approved four projects for universities for development diference Education.These Bilingual Program are for the Metropolitan University, "Sacred Heart" and two for the University of Turabo.
  • 1991-1992

    Project SUCESS and Project CEMI - to Strengthen language arts skills of students with limited proficiency in Spanish and / or Inglés: • Using computers or to the operation of the basic skills of reading and writing in English and literacy programs Inglés or at home
    • Tutoring or parents to Strengthen the Education of Their Children
    • Training on the use and management of the computer in the classroom teachers
  • 1991

    Gobernador Rafael Hernandez declared Spanish the main language of Puerto Rico.
  • 1993

    Projects form Bilingual Education become autonomous.
  • 1997-1998

    Dr. Pedro Rosello established an official act where English and Spanish will be considered the official language of Puerto Rico.
  • 2012

    Begin bilingual education programs, such as: Empowering Children for the 21st Century for Middle level and High schools and Bilingual Education for the 21st Century for the elementary level.