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Campaign 2.0 Timeline

  • Period: to

    Review Client Background Information

    • Current Client website(s);• Any existing social media planning documents/correspondence/project related work done to date by Client;• Current or planned social media initiatives; • Traditional marketing strategies;• Any existing social media outposts and information related to regular online activities; and• Any online analytics for tracking activity on Client social locations or websites.
  • Project Kickoff Meeting

    Introductory meeting with the Client project team to discuss project approach as well as address any questions regarding roles and responsibilities and the project’s objectives, scope, methodology, schedule, and anticipated deliverables. • Discuss the goals that the team would like to achieve as a result of this initiative;• Review the relative roles of project team members, as well as discuss and establish decision-making criteria;
    • Discuss overall timeline and budget for implementing recomme
  • Period: to

    Developing Social Media Project Plan

    After the kick-off meeting, DelCor will develop an overall project plan. The plan will include the following:• Business problem;• Project scope and goals, including planning goals; • Project team, including roles and responsibilities; • Description of project methodology, tasks and time estimates;• Important facts for stakeholders; and,• Project timeline.
  • Wk 1 Social Media Summary Report

  • Period: to

    Weekly Social Media Tasks

    Not all tasks will take place each week.1. Efforts to inform key opinion leader multipliers and make them more aware of the rich thought leader content of Client.2. Submitting three to five articles to industry print publications featuring case studies that showcase Client’s AM&C, PCO or DMC practices achieving results for clients.3. Proposing Client presenters for ASAE section webinars. 4. Promoting new Grow Globally branded podcasts and webinars (latter co-sponsored by Bluesky Broadcastin
  • Wk 2 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 3 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 4 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 5 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 6 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 7 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 8 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 9 Social Media Summary Report

  • Period: to

    Developing Social Media Campaign

    • Prioritized social media initiative, content, and services recommendations;• Estimated costs, resources and time line for implementing overall plan;• Social Media Campaign implementation schedule including week-by-week updates and activities; and,• Plan for deploying Client resources to ensure effective social media monitoring and strategies for further engaging existing clients, as well as engaging prospective clients.
  • Wk 10 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 11 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 12 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 13 Social Media Summary Report

  • Wk 14 Social Media Summary Report

  • Meeting to Review Social Media Campaign

    Meeting with the core project team and others as appropriate to review the Social Media Campaign and discuss next steps. Consultant and Client will mutually determine a continued course of action.