Cameron Lingk TOYS

  • Cameron Lingk Toys by James Patterson chapter 25-40

    Hays wakes up in the hospital and is informed that he is dammaged and needs a new set of limbs. in operation, the elite doctors find human remains within Hays body which means he is actually human. The doctors plan to kill Hays on the spot but Hays flees to the Human slums of future america.
  • Cameron Lingk Toys chapter 1-25

    Hays Baker is an eliete living in a Future america. Elietes are geneticaly engineered human which try to eliminate the original human race. Toyz is a billion dollar corporation that make "toys" for the elietes.These toyz are like simulators that feel real and dools that think and act like humans. Hays is the head of the human hunting police and is called to an important robbery set by 3 humans. hays chases and kills 2 of the three humans and tackles the other one off of a parking garage.
  • Cameron Lingk Toys by James Patterson chapter 40-65

    Hays makes a long journey to his parents home and there learns the truth. Hays was the very first human trial of the elite movement. from Hays the elite population was born. Hays has become attatched to his human side and now despises the elite race. With the aid of his sister, Hays and her begin there plan to eliminate the elite race.
  • Cameron Lingk toys by James Patterson chapter 65-100

    Hays and his sisterare about to launch the human uprising hen the most unexpected happens. All of the toys from Toyz corporation start to attack. Planes drop the real life dolls which turn out to be bombs and use this opportunity to get rid of the humans once and for all. Hays and his sister are yet successful and kill the presidant of the elites and make the world a human ruled one once again. the left over elites are used as slaves and test subjects.