Cameras: Past, Present, and Future

  • Camera Obscura

    Camera Obscura
    The first real developements in cameras was the Camera Obscura made by Joseph Niepce in 1814
  • Calotype

    William Henry Talbot patents the first Calotype!
  • First Polaroid Camera

    First Polaroid Camera
    Edwin Land makes big difference! He makes the first Polaroid camera. These were the first to want to be bought by people.
  • Color Film

    Polaroid is widely known today for its advances in this time period. Polaroid figures out and invents Color Film.
  • Sony First Consumer Camcorder

    Sony First Consumer Camcorder
    All of a sudden Sony comes out with something big. A Camcorder for consumers!
  • Pixar introduces Digital Imaging Processor

    Pixar make a Digital Imaging Processor that enables to make all the wonderful Disney movies most people have probably seen.
  • First Disposable Camera

    First Disposable Camera
    Do you remember these? If you were born in the 1990s this was most likely one of your first cameras!
  • The "Brownie" Camera

    The "Brownie" Camera
    Many people elaborated on the idea of a Calotype and a Camera Obscura but the next big thing that made the new was the Brownie
  • Polaroids

    Do you remember these? You most likely have seen them around a couple years ago. But trying to find them now? Good luck.
  • Nikon Camera

    Nikon Camera
    These are still used today and widely known through everybody. Averaging at about $150 they are great cameras to take with you if you want to be a professional.
  • Cameras on Iphones

    Cameras on Iphones
    Alot of people have phones with cameras but one of the best camera phones is the iPhone. It is one amazing camera.
  • Future Camera Model

    Future Camera Model
    We don't know to much about this design but it looks really cool.
  • Future Wrist Camera

    Future Wrist Camera
    This camera is so small it fits around your wrist.
  • 3D Cameras

    3D Cameras
    3D cameras have been talked about for a while and prototypes have been created but right now they are not very popular.