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  • Kodack Instamatic

    Kodack Instamatic
    Received this camera for my 10th birthday. My first camera.
  • Video Camera from my youth

    Video Camera from my youth
    This is the video camera with all our home videos during my youth,
  • Polaroid Upgrade

    Polaroid Upgrade
    In junior high, I earned enough money babysitting to by a Polaroid camera. Instant pictures - amazing - expensive film - not so amazing
  • Cannon 35 mm camera

    Cannon 35 mm camera
    In high school, I purchased my first 35 mm camera. It was fun going in the SHS dark room to develop pictures :0
  • Sony Video Camcorder

    Sony Video Camcorder
    Purchased this to film all of my kids events
  • Minolta Weathermatic

    Minolta Weathermatic
    First trip to scuba and snorkle in Hawaii - bought an underwater camera for the event
  • Nikon Cool Image

    Nikon Cool Image
    First digital camera to take pictures. Camera only held 7 pictures without a photo card
  • Nokia INNOV8

    Nokia INNOV8
    First cellphone with a 8 mm camera
  • Liquid Image Digital Camera

    Liquid Image Digital Camera
    Camera Mask purchased for snorkling trip to Belize
  • 12 Megapixel Camera in Iphone

    12 Megapixel Camera in Iphone
    Easy to carry, more importantly... I always have it with me