Kodak waterproof cam

Camera Timeline

  • silver nitrate is discovered

    silver nitrate is discovered
    Johann Heinrich Schulz discovered a substanced called silver nitrate. It can change colour, once it is exposed to light. This was the first step for the camera
  • camera obscura is invented.

    camera obscura is invented.
    Joseph Niepce invented the Camer Obscura. And then, the first picture ever was taken. It was'nt very good, because it needed 8 hours of light exposure, and it would fade.
  • The Daguerreotype was invented

    Louis Daguerre invented the daguerro type camera, which was a slightly different camera (to the camera obscura) and the pictures didn't fade, and it only took 30 minutes of light exposure.
  • Calotype process was invented.

    William Henry Talbot created the "Calotype process". This was made, so people can make multiple copies of their photos.
  • Collodion process

    Frederic Scott Archer created another new process, called the Collodion process. This way, cameras only need a few seconds of light exposure.
  • Pictures are easier to handle

    Before, Pictures had to be developed (or it will fade) immediately after taken. So Richard Leach Maddox invented the gelatin dry plate silver bromide process. This way, pictures could be taken and then developed later.
  • Roll-on film camera is invented

    Roll-on film camera is invented
    The first Roll-On film camera is invented by George Eastman,
  • Polaroid invents their polaroid camera

    Polaroid invents their polaroid camera
    Polaroid's camera allows people to take pictures and developed immediatly right from the camera!
  • Colour is invented (for camera)

    Polaroid invented colour for the camera.
  • Camera Phones

    Camera Phones
    Camera Phones are developed in Japan, but soon it was used world-wide.
  • Kodak invents waterproof camera

    Kodak invents waterproof camera
    Kodak invents the first water-proof camera. The price was $149USD.
  • The first digital camera is developed

    The first digital camera is developed
    Steve Sasson invented to first digital camera. However, it was'nt very good because it was black and white images into a cassette tape, 0,01 megapixels. It also took 23 seconds to capture a image.