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  • Byron's birthday

    Byron's birthday
    George Gordon Byron was born on 22 January 1788, in a house on 24 Holles Street in London.
  • Arrival in Greece

    On 16 July, Byron left Genoa, arriving at Kefalonia in the Ionian Islands on 4 August.
  • Arrival at Missolonghi

    Arrival at Missolonghi
    Byron reached Missolonghi on 5 January 1824.There he joined forces with Alexandros Mavrokordatos, a Greek politician with military power.78]
  • Period: to

    Living in Missolonghi

    During his stay in Missolonghi, Byron lived on the second floor of a two storey-house. To help raise money for the revolution, Byron sold his estate Rochdale Manor in England, which raised some £11,250; this led Byron to estimate that he now had some £20,000 at his disposal, all of which he planned to spend on the Greek cause. By the end of March 1824, the so-called "Byron brigade" of 30 philhellene officers and about 200 men had been formed, paid for entirely by Byron
  • Byron's death

    Byron's death
    On the 19th April 1824 Lord Byron died in a fit of fever in Messolonghi, Greece. He may have fallen ill with malaria and the customary cure at the time, bleeding, which would have been performed using unsterilized equipment, may have led to sepsis.
    After his death Byron was mourned by both the British and the Greeks, to whom he had become a hero of the war. He died at the age of 36.
    [The Messolonghi Byron Society] .(
  • Byron on his death bed. A painting by Joseph-Denis Odevaere,1826.

    Byron on his death bed. A painting by Joseph-Denis Odevaere,1826.