Business from Civil War to Now

  • Civil War Ends

    The war between the south and north ended resulting in the slaves from the south being freed and a massive depletion in the work force in the south. The south now has to resort to actually paying their workers and losing more money.
  • First Railroad was built

    The development of the railroad system was a fantastic impact on the American economy because it allowed for the distribution of goods to be faster and also called for a higher output in production which increased the job market for Americans.
  • WWI Begins for the United States

    Prior to WWI the United States attempted to maintain an isolated and neutral stance on the war for fear of being dragged into the war. By entering the war the whole male workforce was deployed which gave women many jobs as well created "war debt"
  • WWI Ends

    WWI ends and will soon send the United States economy into turmoil
  • The Great Depression

    After the war the United States experienced a crippling affect on their economy and the Great Depression began which caused many men and women to be unemployed and was considered the darkest time in the United States economy.
  • The Great Depression Ends

    Many people believe it was by entering WWII that the United States economy began to thrive once again.
  • WWII Began for the United States

    Another war we were dragged into, many people argue this war actually saved the economy. This declaration of war was followed immediately after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor
  • WWII Ended

    The United States ended WWII and brought home another victory. Woo.
  • Atomic bombed launched to end WWII

    The United States had just defeated Germany in WWII and didn't want to put up with Japan so we asked Japan to surrender and when they refused they were bombed twice.
  • The Employement Act

    An act created to help those who are unemployed and create jobs,
  • Korean War

    Due to the cold war the united states felt threatened by the expansion of communism so we went to war.
  • Korean War Ends

    Nothing happened. Nobody won, we just left.
  • Segregation became illegal

    With segregation now illegal companies must lose profit in order to give their employees of all colors the pay they deserve.
  • Vietnam War Begins

    Another war in order to curb the expansion of communism.
  • Sputnik is launched

    With the cold war heating up Russia launches their first artifical satellite and essentially said to the United States "Look we're better" which scared us very much
  • USA Cuts Ties With Cuba

    After the cuban missile crisis and Cuba's conversion to communism the united states embargoed goods from cuba
  • Equal Pay Act

    With segregation now illegal companies must now pay all employees regardless of color a fair wage.
  • Vietnam War Ends

    Nothing happened. Nobody won and lots of people died.
  • World Trade Center

    An act of terrorism made by Osama Bin Laden caused the hyjacking of two planes to crash into the world trade center and the loss of over three thousand lives. This caused a significant impact on business because back in those days many things were not backed up because nobody could have forseen such a horrific act of terrorism and its consequences on the economy.
  • Social Media becomes major in society

    Social media begins to play a major role in the success of businesses
  • The Recession

    Our economy isn't doing so well right now.
  • Obama declares a war against ISIS

    President Obama hopes to purge the United States of terrorism by fighting ISIS.