Bubonic Plague

By chadaly
  • Period: Dec 9, 1300 to Dec 9, 1360

    Bubonic Plague

  • Apr 9, 1347

    Bubonic Plague begins

    Genoese trade ships came into Sicily carring the Bubonic Plague, also refered to as the Black Death. The plague caused purplish or blackish dots to appear on the skin
  • Aug 9, 1347

    Journey of the Bobnic Plague

    The plague started in Asia and traveled along trade routes. It went from Italy to Span, France, Germany, England, and Europe and North Africa.
  • Period: Dec 9, 1347 to Dec 9, 1352

    Political, economical, and social changes

    Political: Sers left manors demanding higher wages. Noboles said "No!" which caused revolts in England, France, Italy, and Belgium.
    Econmical: Trade fell, prices rose.
    Social: Town population fell and Jews were blamed for the plague
  • Dec 9, 1352

    Plague ends