Bubble Gum

Timeline created by rebeccaEjenkins
  • Bubble Gum was invented

    Bubble Gum was invented
    In 1928, Bubble Gum was invented by a man named Walter E, Diemer. He said, "it was an accident" when it happened.
  • Bubble Gum was a hit

    To test his new recipe, Diemer took samples of the new gum over to a local store and it sold out in a single day
  • Teaching how to blow bubbles

    To help sell the new bubble gum, Diemer himself taught salespeople how to blow bubbles so that they in turn could teach potential customers
  • Pink Bubble Gum

    Pink Bubble Gum
    This was the first color they ever had for bubble gum.
  • Named Dubble Bubble

    It was named Dubble Bubble by the President of Fleer.
  • Bubble Gum was lowered down.

    Bubble Gum was lowered down.
    Dubble Bubble remained the only bubble gum on the market until Bazooka bubble gum was appeared after World War II.