bryannah delyesr

  • freed bureau

    freed bureau
    this was established by congress and this protected slave. this also help slave get empolyment.this let poeple help slave to learn and pay health facilites.they spent 17,000,000 and established 4,000 school and 100 hospital and provided food and homes
  • lincoln assassination

    lincoln assassination
    president lincoln attended a play at Fords theater in washington D.C John Wilkes Booth , an actor shot lincoln in the head. Licoln died several hours later.Vice president Andrew Johnson became president.
  • 13th amendent

    13th amendent
    this said that all slaves would be free, even in thou states that rebell againest the united states on january 1st,1863. it wasnt pass intill december,it was passed by congress and the house of representive.
  • civil right act

    civil right act
    this act granted full citizenship to african americans and gave fereral government power to protect their rights. this law overturn the black codes and it also contradicted the dred scott case(1857).
  • black codes

    black codes
    by the early 1866, the southern state passed a law the black code.this controlled freed men and woman. this code banned afrian americans from owning or renting farms
  • frist reconstution act

    frist reconstution act
    this called for a creation of new government in the 10 southern state that had not ratified the 14th amendent. tennesse keep it government and rejoined to union. the act guaranted afrian american men the right to vote in state elections and banned former confederate laeder form holding political office
  • 15th amendent

    15th amendent
    forbidding denial of voting rights due to "race,color,or previous condition of servitude.
    afrian american men won the right to vote when the amendent was ratified and became law in 1870. republicans thought the power of the vote would enable afrian americans to protect them self
  • 14th amendent

    14th  amendent
    it granded ful citizenship to all peopel born in the united state.the amendent stated no states could take away a citizen life, liberty,or property with out do process of law.every citizen was entitled to equal protection of the laws
  • kkk (klu klux klan)

    they use faer and violence to intimidate.