Bruno Arnau 6ec

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In Music

    Bingo is fantastyc to vocavulari
  • calssroom landguage

    sentences for comunication
  • TO BE

    to be is VERY important for communication
  • Gramman

    Gramman is important for aprenentage for engilsh
  • Mini project

    is very importontant for english
  • progress check 1

    is cart for a grammar of english
  • lisening

    isb very important for audyting
  • grammar+ verb+ ing

    is very i portant for describe in english
  • afirmative of negative

    afirmative (afirma algo) negative (nega algo)
  • language guide

    language guide is very important for estuding english
  • writing essay 1

    questions of contest
  • grammar question

    is very important for english and aprenentage
  • grammar afirmative

    grammar afirmative is afirmative sentences exemples (do you like playing fotball)