Brisbane + SpringHill Timeline

  • Yorks Hollow

    Turrbal people camped at Yorks Hollow
  • Aboriginal population

    Throughout 10 tribes, 2000 Aboriginal people still lived near Brisbane
  • Aboriginals Excluded

    Aboriginals excluded from the Brisbane area.
  • Period: to

    Brisbane and Spring Hill Timeline

    A brief Timeline describing major events throughout a period of aorund 50 years.
  • Brisbane Hospital

    Brisbane Hospital was created.
  • St Josephs College

    St Josephs College Gregory Terrace's Foundation Stone was laid, along with the building of Brisbane Central Primary School
  • Brisbane Subdivisions

    As the land is further divided, wealthier people are encouraged to travel.
  • St Paul's Church

    St Paul's Church opened to the public
  • Mixed Bathing

    Mixed Bathing finaly allowed at Spring Hills baths
  • First Television Broadcast

    First TV broadcast from Old Tower Mill
  • Victoria Park

    Victoria Park used as Army Barracks
  • Centenary Pool

    Centenary Pool opened
  • Victoria Park Leisure

    Victoria Park is used for recreation, golf and other sports