Brief history of Schwinn Bicycles

  • Arnold, Schwinn & Company founded

    Ignas Schwinn started the company with a friend of his named Adolph Arnold
  • Family tandem

    This was the 1896 Family Tandem model that included a baby seat.
  • Schwinn Ladies and Motorbike MOdel

    Ladies Model 103, Motorbike model 110
  • 1932 Schwinn Motorbike

    This began the design period.
  • Balloon Tire Models

    Schwinn introduced the balloon tire bicycle. It had an inner tube and was easyier to maintain. This became the new normal.
  • Cycleplane

    This changed the way bikes were made and started using the welding process used on airplanes.
  • Improvements

    Many improvements came out in 1940 to the current popular models, including headlights, tanks, and front brakes.
  • 1,800,000 bicycles

    With the stat of WWII, people were worried about not having gas and tires for their cars so they made the switch to bikes and the need required many bikes to be produced in 1941.
  • Schwinn Phantom, Panther, Hornet,

    Popular models in 1952 were the Schwinn Phantom, Hornet, and Panther. 1 in every 4 bikes sold were a Schwinn. My dad owns a 1952 Schwinn Phantom and a 1952 Schwinn Panther! He rides them every week with a vintage bicycle club.
  • Schwinn Meteor

    In 1953, Schwinn came out with bicycles for boyes and girls called the "Meteor"