Synyster gates

Brian Elwin Haner Jr

  • Brian was born

    Brian was born
    He was born in Huntington Beach, California.

    His father is also famous, He is known as Papa Gates or Guitar Guy. His father has played for Jeff Dunham and other famous people. Synyster gate's bilogical moms name is Jan Gera.
  • Avenged sevenfold releases album

    Avenged sevenfold releases  album
    Avenged sevenfold releases their very first album Sounding the Seventh Trumpet. They were with the label Goodlife Recording. The total length of th album was 52 minutes 10 seconds.
  • Syn finds a sponsor

    schecter sponsors Syn gates and his bestfriend Zacky Vengence. He is a rhythm guiturist. He now as a schecter best sellers guitar. It is called the Synyster Gates Custom
  • City Of Evil

    City Of Evil
    June 7th,2005 Avenged Sevenfold releases city of evil. He was with the label "Warner Bros Records" It featured awesome solos and some of there most known songs. These songs include Bat country, Beast and the Harlot, Burn It Down, etc
  • ''Young Shredder Award"

    ''Young Shredder Award"
    Synyster Gates has won young shredder award in 2006 in "Golden Gods." The award was made by Dimebag Darrell. The Golden Gods Award was run by Metal Hammer.
  • Won guitarist of the year award

    Syn was named best guitarist of the year by "Total Guitar Magazines" Syn is considered a metal player. He is also known as a heavy metal player
  • Won one of the 30 greatest shredders of all time.

    In 2010 syn had won one of the 30 greatest shredders of all time. They described him as being able to perform finger twisting licks.They also mentioned he could do towering dual haromonies
  • Guitar world awards syn

    Guitar world claims syn is the best metal guitarist. Syn had wrote easy solos and really difficult solos. He has a lot of great solos like afterlife, dancing dead, lost, and not ready to die
  • Syn recieves another guitarist award

    "Rock One" magazines named synyster number three musician. He was voted as number three. He was voted number three by a pole.
  • Brian got married

    Brian Haner, better known as Synyster Gates. He was married in 2010. He was married to Michelle Dibendetto
  • Guitar worlds gives syn awards again

    In 2010 syn won snappiest dresser. They think he has his own style and apperance. He has a cloths line