Brazillian Alcohol Laws

  • A Restrição de Propagandas de Bebidas Alcoolicas

    A Restrição de Propagandas de Bebidas Alcoolicas
    Since 1996, commercials about alcohol both appearing in television and radio may only function between 9.00 P.M and 6.00 A.M. I believe that this law hardened the involvement of alcohol between several consumers.
  • Lei Seca

    Lei Seca
    In June 06 of 2008 the Lei Seca became effective. Lei Seca forbid the use of alcohol and drive with a penalty of R$ 955,00 and lose the driver's license. Also is considered intentional crime if the driver injure someone else.
    I think that this law has decreased the mortality rate in traffic.
  • Alcool para menores é proibído

    Alcool para menores é proibído
    People under the age of 18 are not allowed to buy alcoholic drinks at any store or restaurant. Also Adults over 18 years of age are not allowed to give or sell alcohol to underage people.
    I believe that this law will be and is very affective on underage drinking because now you can have serious charges and be sent to jail if you break these laws. I also think that people will stop drinking (Underage People) because this law is out and it will stop kids from getting alcohol.
  • Nova Lei Seca

    Nova Lei Seca
    The law number 12,760 enforces the payment for who drives under alcohol effect from R$ 957,69 to R$ 1.915,38, and increase the period of time of relapse to 12 months. In only the first month, the bars suffered from a downward movement and the search for taxis increased. This law certainly has decreased the number of accidents in the driveways.