Brass Timeline

  • 1500 BCE

    The First Brass instrument

    The First Brass instrument
    The first Brass instrument, the Trumpet, is created.
  • 1450

    Instrument creation

    As Brass is born, The Sackbut is created.
  • Giovanni Gabrielli names Brass

    Giovanni gives names to some Early-age Brass instruments.
  • Period: to

    Recognizing Brass (17th and 18th Century)

    As Brass became recognized, the instruments were starting to be played outdoors and in churches, but were not used as solo instruments. The French Horn was also in development at this time.
  • The French Horn and the Trombone

    As the French Horn came into existence, the Trombone was created somewhere along the line. The Trombone was used vocally at the time,
  • The first Tuba is created.

    The firs Tuba is created.
  • Period: to

    Brass' Time To Shine (19th Century)

    In the 19th century, Brass was very recognized and at that time, and huge developments were made.
  • The 20th Century

    As Brass is recognized today, countless improvements are made to this day by Brass music stores.
  • Today