Marley bob

Bob Marley Biography.

  • Born

    He born in St. Anns, Jamaica,
  • Audition

    Participated in an audition for a music producer named Leslie Kong.
  • Musical Group

    He shared his idea with Bunny and Peter and the three formed the Wailing Wailers.
  • Promotion of Group

    The producer Clement Dodd decided to promote the group.
  • First Single

    The Wailing Wailers released their first single, "Simmer Down", with record Coxsone.
  • Married.

    He moved with his mother toDelaware, Estados Unidos and he met Rita Anderson and after they married.
  • Rastafari belief

    It gave the visit of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie and from Ethiopia, which boosted and renewed the important island Rastafarian movement.
  • New Band

    Bob called Peter and Bunny to form a new band, the legendary The Wailers.(Los miticos).
  • Melanoma

    It was discovered that he had formed a acral lentiginous melanoma in the big toe of his right foot. Typical sign of this cancer.
  • Dead

    He died at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, now University of Miami Hospital, in the morning, at the age of 36. The spread of cancer started as a melanoma on his foot and produced metastases in his lungs and brain were the cause of his early death.