Blues Timeline

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    Country blues

    Blues has apired in the rural areas in the south of america.
    ther are 2 musicians Robert Jonhson(1911-38) and Memphis Minner (1897-1973)
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    Urban Blues

    He apired in the city and one the most important musicians is B.B King(1925-)
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    Chicago Blues

    He apired in the chicago , the musicians are Phil Chess, Leonard Chess, Jhon Lee Hooker (1917-2011), Madi Water (1913-1983), Sonny Boy Williamson (1899-1965)
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    Female Singers

    The most important musicians are Ma Rainey(1886-1939) and Bessie Smith (1899-1937)
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    Rhythms and Blues

    The most important musicians is Bo Didley(1928-)
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    Rock and Roll

    the most important musicians is Professor Longhair(1918-1980),Fats Domino(1928-), Little Richard (1932-)