Blu-ray Players

  • The CD player

    The CD player
    The first compact Disc player was introduced
  • The DVD Player

    The DVD Player
    The First DVD player was released and this caused the price of CD to drop.
  • The portable Blu-Ray player

    The portable Blu- Ray player you can watch movies on the go.
  • The first Blu-Ray player

    The first Blu-Ray player
    Sony invented the Blu- Ray in 2003 and they first sold in japan. The Blu-Ray player had a better image than the DVD player.
  • Blu-Ray playstation

    Blu-Ray playstation
    Sony declares that the play station 3 will use blu-ray. The video games and DVD were supported by Blu-Ray.
  • The 3D Blu-Ray Player

    The 3D Blu-Ray Player
    The 3D Blu-Ray player required a 3D television in order for it to function as a three dimisional image.It supports both normal blu-ray disc and 3D discs.