Blizzard Entertainment

  • The Lost Vikings

    The Lost Vikings
    Before Blizzard Entertainment, it was Silicon and Synapse. Then in 1994 the company changed their name. The first few games Blizzard made.
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    Blizzard Entertainment

    This is the timeline of the games Blizzard Entertainment made. But not all games
  • Rock 'n' roll racing

    One of the oldest games Blizzard made. This is the 2nd last game before Silicon and Synapse changed to Blizzard.
  • Warcraft

    The first fantasy strategy game Blizzard made.
  • Warcraft II

    This is a fantasy strategy game, continued from Warcraft. This game was released on 1995 but other versions for Mac was released later. 1995-1999
  • Diablo

    Diablo is a RPG game based on demons. Other versions was released later on. 1997-1998.
  • Starcraft

    Starcraft is the first science fiction strategy game Blizzard made. Other versions of Starcraft was released later on, 1998-2000.
  • Dibalo II

    A continuation and improved game of Diablo.
  • Warcraft III

    An improved game and continuation of wcII, graphics have improved. There was 1 expansion in this game. The 2nd one was released in 2003.
  • World of Warcraft

    A continuation of Warcraft, wc II and wcIII. Real time strategies games which has a good story and background so they developed it even more and made an MMORPG 1 year after the release of Wc III: Frozen throne. Improved graphics and gaming each expansion. Generally released in 2004 (Making new expansions approximately every 2 years.
    2006 (Burning crusade), 2008 (Wrath of the lich king), 2010 (Cataclysm)
  • Starcraft II

    A continuation of the Starcraft real time strategy game. This game also has improved graphics.