Blingual education in PR

By vanegv
  • Period: to

    Teacher mut learn English

    Commisioner of Education of the United States stablish that teachers of PR must learn English and those that know the language have preference.
  • Period: to

    Department of Publis Instruction

    Department of Instruction was created. Policy was that spnaish would be taught and English adquired.
  • Period: to

    More English

    English use was increased with the idea of making it into a policy
  • Period: to

    Spanish suppresion

    English was used in every level. Teachers had forced preparation of English. They had to pass an English test or placed in suspension.
  • Period: to

    Opossition on English

    Spanish was propoese as the officioanl language to be taught in.
    It was official in 1934 for the primary levels.
  • Period: to

    Language battle

    Commisioner Paul G. Miller battled against those who refused English as the only language.
  • Period: to

    Spanish regains power

    Dr. Jose Padin fought to maintain Spanish as the language to be taught in.
  • Period: to


    School commisioner Dr. Mariano Villarones.
    Set spanish as the languae that must be taught. It ws and still the mayor progam