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  • Overchan advert

  • 8chan advert

    8chan advert
  • 4c7pcgkpjlwg67zo.onion launch, Reddit inquiry

  • Directory comment

  • Home page snapshot

  • Vice article and retraction

    Vice article and retraction
  • Post on the Polish forum

  • Small YouTube reference

  • y25iebrhjwone7py.onion spotted in a directory

  • Europol dossier, Reddit shills, move to FHII

  • Main 2x domains no longer active FHII

    4c7pcgkpjlwg67zo and y25iebrhjwone7py have their last log on this date
  • ‘MD’ starts his search for the Black Death Group

    ‘MD’ starts his search for the Black Death Group
  • Freedom Hosting II Hacked

    Freedom Hosting II Hacked
  • References to activity on AlphaBay

  • Ayling meets with Herba in Paris

  • 4c7pcgkpjlwg67zo.onion down

    1 day before emails about the imminent kidnapping are sent to the UK press.
  • Emails sent to UK press, 1 day after site taken down

  • Ayling apparently kidnapped

  • Ayling returned to British consulate

  • Kidnap story breaks

    Kidnap story breaks
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    qmyt7fqs3ovkm5lq.onion on FHII

  • Period: to

    g5gllga35n26mxqu.onion on FHII

  • Period: to


    Placed just before being spotted in the directory
  • Period: to

    y25iebrhjwone7py.onion and 4c7pcgkpjlwg67zo.onion live on FHII

  • Period: to

     u5wk4op3rf2txnnx.onion on FHII

  • Period: to

    5dldgxulhv6hmgla.onion on FHII