Black Adder (comedy show)

  • Black adder 1st

    Black adder 1st
    Blackadder 1st the 1st season of black adder as you expected but it's not the best. It is suppost to be like it was the middle ages and overall it is ok but i dont like it this much because the main character Blackadder isn't like the other seasons he does not act that smart.
  • Black Adder the 2nd

    Black Adder the 2nd
    The 2nd season of Black Adder was a great season compared to the 1st one (which was ok) I think any fan of this show really did enjoy this season.
  • Black Adder the third

    Black Adder the third
    This season is where the show becomes very intresting featuring Hugh Laurie as prince george a dumb prince who has a butler edmund black adder
  • Black Adder goes forth

    Black Adder goes forth
    Blackadder goes forth probably the best season out of the the four.