Biotechnology: Caleb Richardson

  • Koch

    In 1905 Koch identified the tubercle bacillus and other work on tuberculosis.
  • Laveran

    In 1907 Laveran introduced role of protozoa in causing disease (malaria)
  • Ehrlich

  • Richet

  • Peyton Rous

    Peyton Rous made his discovery of tumour viruses in chickens in 1916.
  • Nicolle

    role of clothes lice in the transmission of typhus
  • de Hevesy

    In 1943 de Hevesy was awarded Chemistry prize for introducing isotopes as tracers in the study of chemical processes.
  • Barbara McClintock

    Barbara McClintock made her first studies on mobile genetic elements in 1944.
  • Paum Hermann Muller

    Paul Hermann Müller received the Nobel Prize in 1948 for his discovery of dichloro-diphenyl-trichloromethylmethane (DDT) as an efficient insecticide
  • Theiler

    Yellow fever virus