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  • Birth

    January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • At the age of two

    At the age of two, his father abandoned his wife.
  • When he was two years old

    His mother died and Edgar was illegally adopted by a couple, John and Frances
  • When he was three years

    When he was three years
    His mother passed away from tuberculosis when he was only three.
  • When he was 13

    When he was 13
    Poe was a prolific poet, but his director and John Allan discouraged his literary talents, because they preferred Poe to follow him in the family business. Poe reportedly preferred poetry
  • University of Virginia

    University of Virginia
    Money was also an issue between Poe and John Allan. Poe went to the University of Virginia in 1826, where he excelled in his classes. Poe turned to gambling to cover the difference, but ended up in debt.
  • Poe moved to Boston

    Poe moved to Boston
  • His first book

    His first book
    in 1827, around the time he published his first book, Poe joined the U.S. Army. Two years later, he learned that Frances Allan was dying of tuberculosis, but by the time he returned to Richmond she had already passed away.
  • West Point

    West Point
    Poe got an appointment at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Poe excelled in his studies at West Point, but was expelled a year later for mishandling his duties.
  • Period: to


    From 1831 to 1835, Poe lived in Baltimore, where his father was born, with his aunt Maria Clemm and her daughter, his cousin Virginia.
  • Marrieage

    In 1835, he lived with his aunt and with his daugter, Virginia. Poe fell in love with Virginian the following year they marriage. Virginia was 14 years old when married.
  • In New York City

    In New York City
    In 1844, Poe moved to New York City
  • his wife dead

    his wife dead
    In 1847 his wife died of illness, which made him an alcoholic and a dogradicte
  • Death

    He died in 7th of October, 1849 in Church Home & Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.