• Big Sean

    Sean Michael Leonard Anderson is Big Sean real name.He was born in Detroit,Michigan on March 25,1998.His claime to fame was his single My Last ft. Chris Brown
  • Regular life

    Sean Anderson aka Big Sean is one example that a bit of luck and perseverance are the keys to success. Born on March 25, 1988, Sean hailed from Detroit and had been rapping since his youth. Long story short, he had a weekly show at a local hip-hop station called WHTD when he was in high school. He would also take part in rap battle contests held by the station.
  • The road for fame

    His change of fate came in 2005,when he heard from a friend that Kanye West was at 102.7 FM station.He dashed to the station and got in because his connection with the contests they held for upcoming rappers.At first Kanye didnt let Sean rap but let him and Kanye said he was good. He gave Kanye demo tapes and Kanye signed him to G.O.O.D. music label
  • Sean's

    Sean's first official mixtape called "Finally Famous: The Mixtape" was released in September 2007. The songs were Getcha Some,You,and others.
  • More mixtapes

    Due to the success of the first one, in the next three years he released two more mixtapes that grew in terms of collaborators. His third one, out in 2010, featured Bun B, Mike Posner, Drake and Tyga among others.