• cHapters 1-3

    pages; 1-54,Jesse Zamora between a rock and a hard place
    in this reading it talks about how aaron likes to ride bikes and how hes an out door man.
  • chapters 3-6

    pages 54-114
    in this reading it talks about his first hour and a half stuck. he already know he has to cut his arm off but doesnt do it. also he talks about his past when he once incountered a bear, almost struck by lighting. and he talks about his trap untill the first morning, thinking he might die
  • chapter 6-7

    ralston goes back to the past, talking about some of the 14er's he has climbed. he recalls is friend in the hospital from a snowboarding aceedent. realizes hes been lucky.
  • chapters 7-9

    pages 148-187
    this readin he talks again of being trapped for 3 days, he realizes him chipping the rock hasnt done anything, he running low on water.he also goes back where he was skiing in a terrrifiing blizzard.
  • chapters 9-10

    pages 187-214
    in this reading aaron is completly out of food and water after 50 hours. he desides to drink his own pee. he doesnt know what to do, at this point.
  • chapter 10-12

    in this reading he talks about these two girls he ment, what they were doing in the mean time while he was gone. they find his truck and realizes hes been missing. healso starts loosing it, being so dehyderated he starts to hillusonate.he even starts dreaming about him drinking liquids.
  • chapters 12-13

    pages 249-173
    people start realizing hes gone after his abstence at work, his friend brian files a issing person report as they try to find him, and where he was last at.
  • chapters 13-13

    pages 273-282
    in this reading, aaron is completly surprised he is still alive, he is alomost excepting of death at this point.
  • chapters 14-15

    pages 282-330 total pages of 2 books: 523+330= 853
    in this reading he cuts the arm off!!!! he decribes it vividly its gross. he makes a turnakit and soon picked up by a hellicopter, and returned home safley, with off course the amputation of the arm.