Benjamin Franklin Timeline

  • Franklin's Brother's Business

    Franklin's Brother's Business
    Franklin's brother began printing a newspaper.
  • Franklin Started Helping His Brother.

    Franklin Started Helping His Brother.
    Franklin carried papers through the street to customers.
  • Benjamin Franlkin Wrote in the Paper.

    Benjamin Franlkin Wrote in the Paper.
    Benjamin Franklin began writing anonymously in his brother's paper.
  • Paper Manager

    Paper Manager
    Benjamin Franklin became the manager of his brother's paper.
  • Franklin Left His Brother

    Franklin Left His Brother
    Franklin left his brother and he talked to ever master so that Benjamin wouldn't get a job.
  • New York

    New York
    Franklin ended up in New York with hardly any money, He was only 17.
  • Finding a Job.

    Finding a Job.
    Franklin asked Mr. William Bradford for a job but he said no and told him to ask his son in Philadelphia for a job.
  • A Place to Stay

    A Place to Stay
    Franklin met a lady who he had bought gingerbread from, and she asked him to stay a few nights.
  • Journey to Philadelphia

    Journey to Philadelphia
    They landed along Long Island where Franklin became sick. He recovered and continued his journey on foot where he found boats that would take him all the way to Philadelphia.
  • Meeting

    Franklin followed a group of nicely dressed people into a meetinghouse. He was not dressed well at all because of his hard journey. He slept through the meeting.
  • Improvement

    Franklin decided that he needed to make a few improvements in his life to become a better writer and person. These improvements include; Temperence, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquillity, chasity, and humility,
  • The Book

    The Book
    Towards the end Franklin started writing a book. He wrote down everything that he did everyday.