Benjamin Franklin

  • Benjamin was born

    Benjamin was born
  • Period: to

    Benjamin Franklin

  • The year of 1723

    -Takes over the publishing of the Courant after brother James is jailed due to "contempt" charges.
    -(Sept.) Runs away from apprenticeship, goes to New York and then to Philadelphia, where he gains employment as a printer.
    -Takes lodging with John Read whose daughter Deborah will become Franklin's wife in 1730
  • Returning Home

    -Returns home to Boston to try and borrow money from his father to start print shop. Is denied.
    -Returns to Philadelphia and courts Deborah Read.
    -Under encouragement from PA Governor William Keith travels to London in order buy printing equipment. Keith's letters of credit for him never materialized and Franklin is stranded in London. Remains in London working as a printer working for Samuel Palmer.
  • Benjamin's son was born

    Benjamin's son was born
    -Birth of his son Francis Folger.
    -In May, Franklin started printing America's first German-language newspaper, Philadelphische Zeitung, which soon failed.
    -Publishes the first edition of "Poor Richard's Almanack" on December 28
  • Grand Master

    Grand Master
    -Is elected Grand Master of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Masons of PA
    -Buy property on Philadelphia's Market Street. Eventually he will put together several lots of land on Market Street. These will house his print shop and retail space. Today, this property forms Franklin Court.
    -Bribes post riders to carry his PA Gazette. Postmaster Andrew Bradford had forbidden riders to carry the Gazette.
  • Postmaster

    -Appointed Postmaster of Philadelphia
  • Ben was robbed

    -Franklin's house was robbed
    -George Whitefield, the Great Awakening preacher, arrives in Philadelphia for the first time
    -Leads an environmental protest against polluting "Slaughter-Houses, Tan-Yards, Skinner Lime-Pits, &c. erected on the publick Dock, and Streets, adjacent"
  • "The Plain Truth"

    "The Plain Truth"
    -Franklin writes "The Plain Truth," a pamphlet arguing for better military preparedness in PA. In the pamphlet is the first political cartoon published in America.
  • Becomes a soldier

    Becomes a soldier
    ■Becomes a soldier in the PA militia after turning down a commission as a Colonel citing military inexperience
  • Doctor of Laws

    -Receives honorary degree of Doctor of Laws from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    -Examined in House of Commons in support of repeal of the Stamp Act.
  • Colonial Agent

    -Named Colonial Agent for Georgia.
    In 1769enjamin was named colonial agent for New Jersey.
    In 1770 was elected colonial agent for Massachusets.
  • US constitution

    US constitution
    -signsthe United States Constitution
  • Becomes President of the Society

    ■Writes anti-slavery treatise
    ■He becomes president of the Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery
  • Benjamin Franklin died

    Benjamin Franklin died
    April 17, dies in Philadelphia at the age of 84. 20,000 mourners attend his funeral at Philadelphia's Christ Church Burial Ground.