Barbie Over Time

  • Barbie's Birthday

    Barbie's Birthday
    On March 9, 1959, the toy company "Mattel," released the iconic doll Barbie. Barbie is a fashion doll, who comes with accessories and clothes. You will also notice her glowing blonde hair, flawless body, and well-designed make-up. The first Barbie doll, sold for only $3.
  • Barbie's Boyfriend

    Barbie's Boyfriend
    Two years after Barbie was invented, the male doll "Ken Carson," was released. He is known as Barbie's boyfriend who is super good-looking. The name "Ken," comes from Ruth Handler, who named this doll after her son, Kenneth.
  • Astronaut Barbie

    Astronaut Barbie
    "Miss Astronaut Barbie" was released rocking a cool space suit and helmet. Motivating so many young girls to "reach for the stars." She came out four years before a man could ever land on the moon. This increased the curiosity of wanting to explore the atmosphere.
  • First Celebrity Barbie

    First Celebrity Barbie
    A British pop star, known as "Supermodel Twiggy," was the first celebrity to get a doll inspired by them. During this year 1967, Twiggy was the most iconic person of the decade. Mattel based her make-up, hair, clothes, and accessories on this teen model.
  • New Living Barbie

    New Living Barbie
    Unlike the previous dolls before, "New Living Barbie," had new improvements. Such as bendable elbows, waist, knees, and ankles. "She was the first pose-able doll!" Little girls made this doll super popular during this time, for making her do the splits.
  • Malibu Barbie and Camper

    Malibu Barbie and Camper
    Malibu Barbie was the first doll released who was ready for adventures and the wilderness. Her fun accessories, like a sparkling camper, pop-out tent, and sleeping bags were all provided in a picnic setting. This sparked young girls' creativity with the curiosity of exploring the wonderful outdoors. This doll had an immediate explosion and still makes re-occurring appearances.
  • Diverse Barbie

    Diverse Barbie
    During this year, Mattel released the first African-American and Hispanic dolls named "Barbie." The diverse dolls soon turned into a collection. Providing a series where young girls could learn about a variety of countries and their cultures from around the world. In 1968, Mattel did release an African-American doll, Christie. But this series sticks with an original name for the doll, Barbie.
  • Fashion Partnership

    Fashion Partnership
    In 1984, Mattel was recognized as a brand that cooperated with the most fashion designers in the world. Barbie worked her way up, producing her first fashion collaboration with "Oscar de la Renta." This designer fashion line included metallic outfits and sparkling jewels for this iconic doll. It brought up so much inspiration, that brought runway fun to young style lovers.
  • CEO Barbie

    CEO Barbie
    CEO Barbie was also known as Day-to-Night Barbie for her inspiring transitions. During the day she worked as a businesswoman, all dolled up in her pink suit. Then straight after work, would go straight into her party dress. Exploring the fun nights out in her town she could acquire. "CEO Barbie showed girls they could have it all."
  • Andy Warhol Painting

    Andy Warhol Painting
    Warhol created paintings featuring Barbie, his artwork explored themes of consumerism and popular culture. These paintings often showcased Barbie in vibrant and repetitive patterns. Reflecting Warhol's interest in mass production and the impact of the media on society. To show thanks, Mattel released an Andy Warhol-themed Barbie collection later on.
  • President Barbie

    President Barbie
    Barbie made a historic move by running for president. It was a groundbreaking campaign that aimed to inspire girls and promote the idea that anyone can pursue their dreams, even in the political world. The campaign highlighted Barbie's leadership skills and encouraged girls to believe in themselves and their abilities to make a positive impact on the world.
  • @barbiestyle

    @barbiestyle took the world of social media by storm. It was a fun and creative Instagram account where Barbie showcased her fabulous fashion sense and glamorous lifestyle. Through the photos and captions, @barbiestyle captured the imagination of followers and brought Barbie's world to life in a whole new way. The account became a source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts and Barbie fans around the globe.
  • New Body Types Barbie

    New Body Types Barbie
    Barbie made a significant change by introducing new body types to their iconic doll lineup. This inclusive move aimed to reflect the diversity of body shapes and sizes in the real world. The new dolls featured different body types, including curvy, tall, and petite, allowing for a more realistic representation of beauty standards. Barbie's decision was celebrated as a step towards promoting body positivity and empowering individuals of all shapes and sizes to embrace their uniqueness.
  • #MoreRoleModels

    Barbie continued to champion exclusivity and representation by joining the #MoreRoleModles movement. The hashtag encouraged individuals to share stories of inspiring role models from various backgrounds. Barbie's involvement in #MoreRoleModels highlighted the importance of diverse representation and the positive impact it can have on inspiring others. By showcasing a wide range of role models, Barbie aimed to empower individuals of all ages to believe in their potential.
  • "Barbie Movie"

    "Barbie Movie"
    The iconic doll finally got a real-life movie based on her, with only a few updated twists. Overall, the message is inspired by girl power and that girls can do anything men do. That's why it's called Barbie's world, not Ken's world. During the movie, Barbie faced many challenges with men, just like how we women do today.