Barack Obma

  • Barack Obama as leader

    Barack Obama as leader
    Graduated Law with honors from Harvard.
    Was the first Afro-American president of “Harvard Law Review” magazine.
  • barack obama as leader

    Obama is selected to the Illinois State Senate on behalf of the Democratic party.
  • barack obama as leader

    Obama declares he wants to be the Democratic party’s candidate to US president.
    In November 2008 Obama wins the elections and becomes the first Afro-American president in the history of US.
  • barack obama as leader

    Nobel Prize Committee decided to grant this year’s prize to Obama for his actions to ease the tension between Russia and China and between the US, as well as for his efforts to promote the peace process in the Middle-East.
  • barck obama s leader

    In May 2011 Obama achieves the killing of Al-Qaeda’s leader, Ben-Laden, in May 2011.
    Obama also decided to return the US military soldiers from Iraq back to US.
    Another success is the Heath Reform act he initiated.