Banned Library History

  • Bannville Founded

    Bannville, Mississippi was founded in 1832 by Steven and Thomas Banned, brothers who had come to the area originally known as "Jeff's Bluff" in search of silver. When they arrived, however, they found little silver but many pine trees and a guy named Jeff. The two became lumber barons due to the fact that they had axes and knew how to use them.
  • Geraldine Godson Banned Memorial Library and Farmer’s Market Opened

    The creation of the Geraldine Godson Banned Memorial Library and Farmer’s Market was based on a bet. Books as a whole were not easy to come by to the gentle loggers that founded the area, so when Geraldine Godson bet Ted Banned a library could not only thrive in the fledgling town of Bannville but become a cultural Mecca that would draw scholars from miles around, Ted scoffed. The bet was simple: Geraldine could found the library with money given by the Banned family and at least three fourth
  • Ted and Geraldine Banned Married

  • Albert Banned born

  • Geraldine Banned Dies

    Geraldine was killed by a panther during child birth of her second child, Stephanie. Ted, her husband, did not know how to run a library so he made it a farmer's market.
  • Stephanie Banned born

  • Original library and farmer's market burns

    Mysterious fire burns down original wooden structure and market buildings taking all the materials and the life of Ted Banned
  • Viper Day

    Hundreds of snakes, mostly poisonous, collect in the ruins of the burned library. Albert Banned, Ted and Geraldine's oldest son and director of the library after his father's passing, is bitten and dies. The town gathers to kill the creatures under the direction of Stephanie Banned, Albert's sister and new director of the library.
  • New library building construction completed

    The more permanent library was constructed that stands to this day.
  • First Annual Banned Library Charity Auction and Anti-Snake Rally

    Annual Banned Library Charity Auction and Anti-Snake Rally<br>
    The first annual festival to commemerate Viper Day. The town celebrates in snake theme.
  • Evan Banned born

  • Paul Folds Sets Fire to Books in Library

    Paul Folds sets fire to books in the nonfiction section of the library causing him to be sent to jail after a lengthy trial.
  • Banned Library blog began

  • Brenda the Reference Librarian Found Dead

    Losing 2,500 Books Not That UncommonBrenda the Viking Reference Librarian was found dead in the stacks. The staff gave her a traditional memorial service, floating her body on a boat out on Lake Banned and drunkenly shooting flaming arrows at it until Brenda burned and sank.
  • Children's Librarian Missing

    Building TourAfter a disasterous building tour, the children's librarian is confirmed missing and presumed dead. A half-hearted attempt to find a replacement begins.
  • Banned Library Podcast Opened

    Banned Library Podcast Opened
    Banned Library PodcastEvan and Halbert begin discussing stuff.
  • Little Banned Library Opened

  • Banned Library Book Club reopens

    My Book Club with ElliotThe first monthly book club starts with a whimper and a conversation.
  • Children's Librarian Hunt Began

    Children's Librarian Hunt Began
    Meeting of the BoardThe board of directors demands Evan began looking for a children's librarian.