Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint Pen

  • First Ever Ballpoint Pen

    John Loud, an American leather tanner created the first ballpoint pen. Though his product was never produced.
  • First Improvement

    First Improvement
    In Hungary, Ladislas Biro and brother Georg (who was a chemist) decided to make a newer and better pen.
  • Manufacturing Ballpoint Pens

    In Argentina, the Biro brothers had set up a manufacturing plant. Sadly, the pens did not succeed.
  • Improvement of the Biro Brothers Pen

    The problem with the pen they had created was that it depended on gravity to write, so now they have created a better design that lets you hold the pen at a slant. So they started selling it throughout Argentina, but unfortunately is wasn't a smashing hit and the men ran out of money.
  • First Comercial Ballpoint Pen

    Ballpoint pens were first sold in Buenos Aires in 1945 by Eterpen Co.
  • Frawley's Pen Company

    Patrick J. Frawley jr. met Fran Seech, a chemist who his job when the pen company went broke. Frawley impressed at his pen, bought Seech’s new ink formula in 1949 and started the Frawley Pen Company.
  • Frawley's Takes a Risk

    Within a year, another improvement was made, Frowley instructed his salesmen to barge into the offices of retail store buyers and scribble all over the executives’ shirts with one of the new pens. Then the salesman would offer to replace the shirt with an even more expensive one if the ink did not wash
  • Marcel Bich pays the Biro Brothers a Visit

    Marcel Bich pays the Biro Brothers a Visit
    Marcel Bich is a French manufacturer of penholders and pen cases. He was apalled by the fact that they were bad quality and really expensive. So he wanted to create a better pen, he went to visit the Biro brothers and payed them some money for being able to manufacture the pen etc.
  • Ballpoint Bic

    Ballpoint Bic
    Marcel Bich created the perfect ballpoint pen and started manufacturing it. It is the pen we use today.