Bad case of stripes Joen Beaver

  • Exposition

    In this part of the story you meet a girl named Camilla Cream who LOVES lima beans.She is stuck at home in bed because she can't get rid of the ugly patterns on her body.
  • Rising action

    Camilla Cream Loves lima beans but every one in her school doesn't, and she tries to fit in. She is at home trying to decide what kind of cloths to wear to the first day of school.
    Suddenly, her body changes in multi-colored stripes! She is afraid to go to school this way because she thinks all the kids will laugh at her. She goes to school the next day and gets laughed at all the kids, and gets her to change different colors and patterns.
  • Climax

    Four specialists come to see Camilla and cannot find the cure for her strange desease. They give her four bottles of pills and tell her to take one of each before bed. The next day she tries to put on her cloths but they dont fit. She looks in a mirror and sees that she has turned into a big fat pill.With her face on it. The docters brings in experts to check her out.
  • Falling action

    Finally, the effect has gone too far and she melts into her own wall. An old lady knocks on the door and says the SHE has the cure. She walks into Camilla's room and instantly knows whats up."You've got a bad case of stripes!" She declares. She pulles out a small jar of beans. "Are those magic beans?" Camilla asks. "Oh! Theres no such thing! Thses are just plain 'ol lima beans. I'l bet you want some?"The old lady replied. All camilla wanted at that moment was a huge plate of lima beans.
  • Resolution

    "Yuck." says Camilla Cream. The old lady starts out the door and Camilla calls her back. The old lady takes a hand full of beans from the jar and tosses it into Camilla's mouth. In a flash, she turns right back to her small, nimble, normal self.
    Happily, she goes back to school able to eat all the lima beans she want without ever having to care about the other kids laughing at her.