Timeline created by DLLangham
  • Powered flying machine Design

    Powered flying machine Design
    The first recorded patent application for a flying machine operating under its own mechanical power designed by John H. Pennington.
  • The First Glider Flight

    The First Glider Flight
    John J Montgomery began the first of a series of glider flights.
  • Man-controlled flight

    Man-controlled flight
    Orville Wright, at Kitty Hawk NC, in a 12-second flight of 120 feet.
  • Rotary Motor used for Flight

    Rotary Motor used for Flight
    Five-cylinder Adams & Farwell , used by Emile Berliner in his helicopter.
  • Monoplane flying boat

    Monoplane flying boat
    Designed and built by Grover Loening.
  • Gyroscopic Stabilizer

    Gyroscopic Stabilizer
    Lawrence Sperry, flew a Curtiss flying boat fitted with four gyroscopes over the Seine River while standing in the cockpit with his hands off the controls, and his mechanic standing on the lower wing. Despite gusty winds, the ship maintained stability
  • Private Craft to reach space

    Private Craft to reach space
    Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne made its second attempt to space.