AV's Frindle

Timeline created by annavictoriavcs
  • Tropical Classroom

     Tropical Classroom
    Nick turns the 3rd grade classroom into a tropical island with sunglasses and sand,with palm trees hula dance and paper flowers.
  • Blackbird Peep

    Blackbird Peep
    Nick learns that blackbirds can make a peep that sounds far away.The next day he makes one in his class and someone else gets blamed for it.
  • Big Idea

    Big Idea
    Nick and Janet were walking on the curb when Janet 's pen drops from her hand and Nick picks it up and calls it a frindle.
  • Word War is Detention

    Word War is Detention
    Everyone in Lincoln Elementary starts using the word frindle and Mrs.Granger is giving detention for anyone who uses the word frindle. All the children say frindle so everyone is staying after school and parents are getting mad.
  • The Letter

    The Letter
    Mrs. Granger shows Nick a letter that she will give to Nick when the uproar is over.
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