End battle

Australian's At War

By seansk
  • Period: to

    Australia At War

  • Boer War

    Boer War
    The Boer War Started
  • Bubonic Plague

    Bubonic Plague
    Sydney and Adielade gripped by Bubonic Plague, spread by rats.
  • Boer War Ends

    Boer War Ends
    Today Boer war Ends.
  • Canberra is Named

    The stone is laid and marked as Australia's Capital.
  • World War 1 Starts

    World War 1 Starts
    Today, World War 1 Starts.
  • World War 1 Ends

    World War 1 Ends
    Today, World War 1 ends
  • World War 2 Starts

    World War 2 Starts
    Today, World War 2 starts
  • Pencillin Is Discovered

    Howard Florey and his team make pencillin
  • Beaufort Bomber

    Beaufort Bomber
    The Beaufort Bomber assembled in Australia flies from Melbourne to Brisbane in reacord time of 3 hours and 12 minutes.
  • World War 2 Ends

    World War 2 Ends
    Today, World War 2 Ends.
  • Peacekeeping Starts

    Peacekeeping Starts
    Peacekeeping Starts today
  • Korean War Starts.

    Korean War Starts.
    Today, Korean War Starts.
  • Korean War Ends

    Korean War Ends
    The Korean War ends today.
  • Vietnam War Starts

    Vietnam War Starts
    The Vietnam War Starts
  • SouthEast Asia War Starts.

    SouthEast Asia War Starts.
    SouthEast Asia War starts today
  • Decimal Currency

    Australia intoduces decimal currency.
  • SouthEast Asia War Ends

    SouthEast Asia War Ends.
  • Vietnam War Ends

    Vietnam War Ends
    The Vietnam War Ends.
  • Ash Wednesday Bushfires

    Ash Wednesday Bushfires
    The Ash Wednesday Bushfires happen today.
  • Peacekeeping Ends

    Peacekeeping Ends
    Today, Peacekeeping Ends.