Auschwitz:Concentration Camp,,,Karina and Sam

By nanez
  • Construction

    Auschwitz camp construction began in Oswiecim, Poland.
  • Established

    Auschwitz was established and ready for its prisoners to arrive.
  • First Prisoners

    First Prisoners
    The first prisoners arrived at Auschwitz, 728 polish political prisoners.
  • Second prisoners,Soviets

    Second prisoners,Soviets
    Soviet prisoners of war started arriving. They arrived immediately after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union and groups from Yugoslavia also arrived. *Not correct day
  • Auschwitz II Birkenau

    Auschwitz II Birkenau
    The second camp of Auschwitz was built on this day. It was an extermination camp.
  • First Murder "Red House"

    First Murder "Red House"
    The first people murdered in Red House were from Beuthen.
  • Red House

    Red House
    The first gas chamber was built at Auschwitz, nicknamed "Red House". *Not the exact day, but the correct month and year
  • Auschwitz III Monowitz

    Auschwitz III Monowitz
    On this day the third concentration camp was built. It was a work camp.
  • First Women Prisoners

    First Women Prisoners
    The first women prisoners were brought to the camp. *This is not the exact day, i could only find the month.
  • White House

    White House
    A second gas chamber was built, this one nicknamed, "White House". *Not exact date, but correct month and year
  • Josef Mengele

    Josef Mengele
    Dr. Josef Mengele arrived at Auschwitz camp. He was known for performing experiments on prisoners, mostly children. He was recognized as "The Angel of Death". *Not the correct day
  • Death March

    In this march about 58,000 prisoners were forced to walk west because the Red Army was coming. Most of the prisoners died on these marches, which lasted for weeks. *Not exact day
  • Liberation

    The surviving prisoners of Auschwitz were freed.