Auguste Comte

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  • Birth

    Auguste Comte was born on January 19th in 1798. His place of birth was Montpellier France. His father, Louis Comte was a tax official and his mothers name was Rosaline Boyer.
  • Education

    In 1814 Comte entered Ecole Polytechnique which was a school in Paris that was founded to train the military's engineers. It was soon turned into a general school for advanced sciences.
  • Work

    In 1816 the school closed down and Comte stayed in Paris and began teaching mathematics and journalism to make a living.
  • Marriage and lectures

    In in 1825 he married his wife Caroline Massin. In the following year in 1826 Comte began to write lectures on his own ideas of systems of positive philosophy. Sonny after he suffered a nervous breakdown.
  • Recovery

    In 1828 he had almost a full recovery and began working on his lecture series. The lectures were very successful and he began do deliver them to an audience between 1829 and 1830.
  • Educator

    From the years of 1832 to 1842 Comte began tutoring and also became and examined at the Ecole Polytechnique school. Later in the year of 1842 he had a disagreement with many of the directors and lost his position.
  • Divorce and tragedy

    In 1842 Comte and his wife divorced and thre years later in 1845 he became romantically involved with Clotilde de Vaux. Vaux would later pass away from Tuberculosis in 1846.
  • Inspired writings

    After the death of Vaux he was very overcome with depression but inspired in his writings. He would later compose major writings entitled Systen of Positive Polity from 1851 to 1854
  • death

    In 1857 Comte died of Cancer. Although he was thought to be very self centered and arrogant man his writings have greatly impacted the world or Philosophy.
  • Summary

    Auguste Comte was an amazing writer and philosopher. It was said that "Comte gave the science of sociology its name and established the new subject in a systematic fashion". (Fletcher) Through his years of work he formulated the doctrine of positivism and is know today to be one of the first philosophers of modern science in his time. His writings helped form a system of societal reform and help launch the the study of sociology.
  • Summary

    Auguste Comte was a French Philosopher and writer. He was said to have been the first modern philosopher of science. He was the founder of sociology and positivism and created a new systematic fashion of the subject.