Audrey w pugs

Audrey Wood

By smlynn
  • Birth

    Born in Little Rock Arkansas
  • Period: to

    Audrey Wood's Life

  • First Memory

    Bouncing on the knee of the tallest man and rocking in the arms of the fattest woman hearing of stories about Chi Chi the chimpanzee, an elephant named Elder, and Gargantua the Gorilla.
  • First Love

    At the age of 3, Audrey would listen to her mother read her books every day and fell in love. She also began reading books on her own.
  • First Book

    First Book
    24 Robbers, Published by the British Publisher Child's Play.
  • First team book

    First team book
    Moonflute was the first book that Audrey and her husband Don Wood made together.
  • Favorite Book

    Favorite Book
    A game that children would play in medieval times. The witch is named Heckedy Peg and the children are named Monday through Friday. The witch then kidnaps the children until they are all gone.
  • Piggies

  • What's the bad word??

    What's the bad word??
    When Audrey wrote Elbert's Bad Word she left the bad word that is talked about in the story to the readers imagination. Everyone knows a bad word, so depending on the readers age depends on the type of bad word that is imagined.
  • The little mouse...

    The little mouse...
    The little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the hungry bear
  • Bright and Early Thursday Evening

    Bright and Early Thursday Evening
    A Tangled Tale
  • A Wonderful Day

    Bruce, Audrey's son is born.
  • Life's Journey

    Life's Journey
    When Audrey was younger she noticed little animals and now as an adult she doesn't notice all of the little animals like she used to. Her motivation for writing this book is because little children notice nature in differnt way then adults do. Like she says, children have "new eyes" versus adults.
  • Sweet Dream Pie

    Sweet Dream Pie
  • My House

    My House
    The Napping House is based off of Audrey's real house.
  • Caldecott Honor Book

    Caldecott Honor Book
    Audrey's son Bruce modeled for the boy in the book at age eleven.