Audio Recording Timeline

  • Election of 1800

    Election of 1800
    In the 1800's era the election of 1800 took place, this is a historical event from the era where the phonograph was invented.
  • Phonograph Perfected

    Phonograph Perfected
    The phonograph was perfected by Thomas Edison in 1879.
    This is important because it is the first working Phonograph which will start audio recording.
  • Gramophone Patented

    Gramophone Patented
    The Gramophone was patented in 1887 by Ernie Berliner.
    This event is important because Ernie earned all rights to produce the gramaphone for a limited amount of time due to the patent.
  • Overdubbing

    Engineers introduced a new technique called overdubbing.
  • Long Playing Record

    Long Playing Record
    Columbia Records developed the 12 inch 33 1/3 RPM long playing record.
    This is important becasue it allowed fans to listen to longer performances without interruption.
  • Abbey Road

    Abbey Road
    My favorite band the Beatles releases an eight track record that became very famous.
    It is important because the Beatles are my favorite band.
  • Pro Tools

    Pro Tools
    in 1991 the first edition of ProTools was introduced by Digidesign. This worked on a Macintosh computer and had 4 tracks, but it was the most affordable at the time.
  • Bryce's Birth

    Bryce's Birth
    I was born 9 years after ProTools for Mac was introduced.
    That is a very blurry picture of me taking a picture of myself in the mirror.