Assessment Unit 2

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  • Thomas Paines "Common Sense"

    This writing from Thomas Paine is his belief on how a government should act and what the government should do. This is important because Common Sense was written to American colonies to tell them what their new government should be like and to rebel against Britain. This helped influence colonial people to begin the revolution.
  • Thomas Jefferson ,John Adams, and Ben Franklin Write the Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence established America as its own country, free from Great Britain. In response to the victory over the British, America writes the Declaration of Independence. This allowed America to change their government from a monarchy to Democracy.
  • George Washington and the Pull Down of King George the Third's statue

    George Washington and his men pulled down the statue of King George III in New York. This was important because it was the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Following this action Britain declared war on the colonies, so the colonies fought back.
  • John Dickinson proposes the Articles of Confederation

    The Articles of Confederation were the guidelines for the very beginnings of the American government. The Articles gave the central government very little power. The Articles of Confederation were important because people were worried that the central government was going to get too much power and abuse it. This brought a change to the whole world because there had never been a government that gave so much power to the people before.
  • Franco-American Treaties

    There were two treaties made between France and America. The first is the Treaty of Amity and Commerce, and it provided trading privileges and cooperative maritime. The second treaty, The Conditional and Defensive Alliance, created an alliance between the U.S. and France that said if Great Britain broke the peace treaty with France, then America would help defend France from Great Britain. This was significant because it was the first alliance in American history.
  • Treaty of Paris

    This is saying that Britian knows that the territory from the far west as the Mississippi River is independent. The tready also says that America will stop persecuting Loyalists. This is important because it the tready says that Britian sees the colonies as states now.
  • James Madison Writes a Draft of the Constitution

    The central government needed more power, so they wrote the Constitution. This was important because the central government wasn't able to create bills or laws. Due to limits imposed by the Articles of Confederation, did not allow the central government enough power to actually make laws. After the Constitution was ratified, the central government could make bills and pass laws.
  • James Madison Creates the Bill of Rights

    The Bill of Rights gives the American people ten basic rights of freedom. This was significant because the people would not have voted yes for the Constitution if it wasn't for the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights assured people that they would continue to have their individual rights.
  • Eli Whitney Invents Cotton Gin

    The cotton gin created the slavery boom because it made it easier to clean cotton. This made farmers want bigger cotton fields, which increased the need for more slaves. This is important because it heated up the debate on freeing slaves. This also changed the cotton industry in America by increasing product output.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase was a huge expansion for the U.S., and it was a good deal. This purchase also pushed France out of North America, so there was less competition for the U.S. to own land. The Louisiana Purchase changed the size of America and also opened up trading routes to Mexico.