Artificial Intelligence

  • Alan Turing

    helped break enigma code
  • Arthur Samuel

    develops a checkers playing program
  • Nobert Weiner

    writes the book on Cybernetics
  • Alan Turning

    suggests that machines might someday possess intelligence
  • W. Grey Walter

    develops a tortoise that moves under its own power
  • John McCarthy

    coins the term artificial intelligence
  • John McCarthy

    LISP the most commonly used AI language introduced
  • Dr. Nobert Weiner

    suggests computers that can think like humans
  • Samuel

    beaten by his checkers program
  • Dr Frank Rosenblatt

    demonstrates the perceptrons coupled to a simpe neutral network
  • Dr Weizenbaum

    designs ELIZA
  • Zadeh

    fuzzy logic introduced
  • Work begun on DENDRAL, the first expert system

  • Minsky and Papert

    prove perceptions cannot be used as a basis of a general computer
  • Shakey

    a radio linked, mobile robot with a built-in tv
  • Terry Winograd

  • PROLOG developed


    an expert system to diagnose baterial infections produced
  • hearsay

  • Shear Magic

  • backgammon

  • developments in knowledge

  • Fifth Generation Project

  • a natural based PC database program is introduced

  • ANN's lead to solving problems associated with pattern matching

  • US military used AI based technology in weapon systems

  • voice and character recognition

  • AI chat robot