artificial inteligent

Timeline created by emmadagotto1203
  • the first autonomous machine appears

    Alan Turing created a machine that was capable of calculating on its own.
  • New computers.

    Alan Turing create several things but they had no percussion, and a part form that new computers were created.
  • New discipline.

    A new discipline is opened in the information sciences.
  • expert meeting

    Expert meeting the term is used for the first timne.
  • New Book.

    A new book published called " steps towards AI"
  • MIT

    MIT develops a program in which natural language is processed and
    preserved through a series of programmed pharses
  • Japan lads inovation

    Japan invents in a new generation of computers that use Artificial Inteligent.
  • Programa Eugene

    he program called Eugene, was developed in Russia and was pasing as a 13- year- old - boy.