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Apple Computers

  • The First Apple Computer

    The First Apple Computer
    This is the first Apple Computer ever made.
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    Apple Computers

  • Apple Computer 2

    Apple Computer 2
    This is the second Apple computer that has come out it was about a year after the realease of the Apple 1 (The First Apple Computer)
  • Apple 2 Plus

    Apple 2 Plus
    This is the Third Aplle computer to be released it was released excactly 2 years after The Apple Computer 2
  • Apple IIe

    Apple IIe
    This computer is more powerful and is the first Apple computer to have new features
  • Apple IIc

    Apple IIc
  • The Macintosh Plus

    The Macintosh Plus
  • Apple IIGS

    Apple IIGS
    First Apple Computer with Apple's most powerful processer
  • Maintosh 2

    Maintosh 2
  • The Portable Macintosh

    The Portable Macintosh
    The First Portable/Laptop Computer
  • Powerbook

    The Second Paortable Macintosh
  • The Powerbook Duo

    The Powerbook Duo
    The Second Powrbook It is a Desktop
  • The Power Macintosh

    The Power Macintosh
  • Powerbook 500

    Powerbook 500
    The First Apple Computer With an Intergrated trackpad
  • IMac 1

    IMac 1
    The First Apple Computer with USB Ports
  • IBook

    The first IBook to come out
  • The IMac G4

    The IMac G4
    The IMac is really falt and thined screen. It has new features and runs on a new Apple System
  • The IMac 2

    The IMac 2
    30 inches the most high reasolution image computer in 2004
  • Mackbook Air

    Mackbook Air
    Ligtest OCmputer evermade in the world till today
  • The Macbook Pro

    The Macbook Pro
    The most expensive but eco frendily computer ever made