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AP Calculus BC

  • Practice & Review Basic Integration

    Practice & Review Basic Integration
    Today I reviewed basic integration. After a quick refresher of all the techniques I feel pretty confident about it
  • Review of Diffy-Q's

    Review of Diffy-Q's
    Today I reviewed Differential equations. I seemed to remember most of it, but it was good to practice logistic equations. I feel confident in my ability in this section
  • Period: to

    AP Practice Time

  • Series and Sequences

    Series and Sequences
    I felt confident working with series and sequences. After a quick refresher with the tests especially
  • Test on Polar

    Test on Polar
    Reviewed polar; I do not think it was that bad. Probably the hardest unit for me, but the test went well.
  • Taylor Series

    Taylor Series
    I definately need some help with Taylor series. I really stuggled with them. I wi;ll study them on my own as well
  • Practice AP

    Practice AP
    Went well. Weakness in Taylor series
  • Partner AP

    Partner AP
    Felt pretty good about the partner exam, and the calc free respone.
  • Partner Exam day 2

    Partner Exam day 2
    Felt a little less certain today. Still feel like I did well enough
  • Review of Series

    Review of Series
    Did some review of power series on my own time.
  • More Series

    More Series
    I think very helpful. This is definately my weakest subject.
  • Review of Exams

    Review of Exams
    Made too many stupid errors. Focus will help me on the actual exam.
  • Review of Polar

    Review of Polar
    Quick review of Polar. Feel confident.
  • Big Game Prep Walk

    Big Game Prep Walk
    Partner Activity. It was a good and dun Review. Ready to Go
  • AP Exam

    AP Exam
    I thought it went very well I feel very confident.