Anson's Telephone Timeline

Timeline created by 123Anson123
  • The 1st electric telegraph

    The 1st electric telegraph
    Samuel Morse made the 1st working phone ever! Using an electromagnet
  • Period: to

    The History of Phones

  • The 1st telephone call

    The 1st telephone call
    Alexander Graham Bell made the 1st ever telephone call
  • 1st commercial telephone call

    1st commercial telephone call
    made when the General post office was controlling the telephone network
  • SMS

    The SMS was introduced to the world
  • 1st mobile service

    1st mobile service
    It was introduced to the US. Also, only one person can speak at a time. The range was limited to only their own national area
  • 1st Digital handphone

    The 1st Digital handphone was introduced at 1990
  • Blackberry

    Blackberry was introduced
  • Camera

    The Camera option was introduced
  • 1st Phone with music

    1st Phone with music
    The 1st phone which could listen to music
  • The iphone

    The iphone