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Ann Beattie

By LAW2183
  • Born

    Intervista ad Ann Beattie Born in Washington, DC was raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • Period: to


    not sure if aug, is the proper date (but it couldnt be changed
  • Graduated High School

    Graduated High School
    Ann Beattie graduated High school
  • B.A. degree

    B.A. degree
    earned her B..A from American University
  • M.A Degree

    M.A Degree
    was given a Masters in English from the University of Connecticut
  • Teaching Job

    Teaching Job
    Remained at the University of Connecticut to teach and do more graduate studies
  • First Short Story

    First Short Story
    "A Rose for Judy Garland's Casket," was published in the Western Humanities Review
  • Distortions

    pushed a collection of short stories
  • Chilly Scenes of Winter

    Chilly Scenes of Winter
    published novle, was madeinto a movie
  • Secrets and Surprises

     Secrets and Surprises
    Collection of Short Stories
  • Falling in Place

    Falling in Place
    Published Novle
  • The Burning House

    The Burning House
    Collection of Short Stories
  • Love Always

    Love Always
    Published Novle
  • Where You'll Find Me

    Where You'll Find Me
    Collection of Short Stories
  • Picturing Will

    Picturing Will
    Published Novle
  • What Was Mine

    What Was Mine
    Collection of Short Stories
  • Another You

    Another You
    Published Novle
  • Awards

    PEN/Malamud Award for achievement in the short story form
  • Perfect Recall

    Perfect Recall
    Published Novle
  • The Doctor's House

    The Doctor's House
    Published Nocle
  • Follies

    Published Novle
  • Award

    Rea Award for the Short Story
  • Walks With Men

    Walks With Men
    Published novle
  • The New Yorker Stories

    The New Yorker Stories
    Ann Beattie is here with THE NEW YORKER STORIESPublished Novle The New Yorker Stories was selected as one of the “10 Best Books of 2010” by The New York Times.
  • Mrs. Nixon

    Mrs. Nixon
    Published Novle